The University Club Library Presents: Cinema On Paper: The Graphic Genius of Movie Posters

The University Club of NYC
27 September 6:30 pm

The University Club Library Presents:
Cinema On Paper: The Graphic Genius of Movie Posters
Speaker: Dwight Cleveland
Wednesday, September 27
Cocktails 6:00 pm (sign basis) | Program 6:30-7:30 pm (no charge)

Best known internationally as an avid vintage film poster collector since 1977, Dwight Cleveland assembled the world’s largest privately held and fully curated film poster archive. It represented 115 years of film history and was comprised of over 45,000 items. There were posters from 58 countries and an average of 22 per “Best Picture” Academy Award winner. In 2016, after several donations to marquee institutes like the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, the Library of Congress and the Ransom Center at the University of Texas, Cleveland pared his personal archives down to 4,500 while continuing his almost daily search for rarities and must-haves.
He will join us to discuss his recent book, Cinema on Paper: The Graphic Genius of Movie Posters. Comprising more than 100 works from his collection, the book is a tribute to the superior talent of an international group of artists whose creativity captured a movie’s essence with arresting precision. Selected for their masterful design, these mass-produced hallmarks of the film business represent comedies, musicals, Westerns, sci-fi thrillers, dramas, and other cinematic works that date from the turn of the 20th century to the early 2000s. Posters of iconic features, such as Casablanca and The Godfather, stand alongside foreign films and memorable cult classics including Le Samourai and Barbarella. Anyone interested in the culture of movies will not want to miss this program.


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